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Hot, naked photos of Jeanne Tripplehorn – American model and actress from «Mickey Blue Eyes».

This future world celebrity was born in 1963, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her debut on the big screen took place in 1992, in «Basic Instinct» cult movie. Her role of Dr. Beth Garner gave a large amount of fame to her. She participated in this film with Sharon Stone. After that there were several more roles in successful projects. Today this Hollywood star has more fifty TV shows and films. The most famous of them are: «Waterworld», «Paranoid», «Perfect Man» and «Gloria Bell». She also shot in «Criminal Minds» and «Mrs. America» series.

Sexy photos of Jeanne Tripplehorn nude

Jeanne Tripplehorn often appeared naked in erotic movie episodes at her youth. For example, she has a hardcore sex scene with Michael Duglas in «Basic Instinct». Her partner fucked her in doggy style position. But the actress had naked scenes in other projects. She was fully naked in «Waterworld».
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