Noomi Rapace nude photos

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Private photos of naked Noomi Rapace – Swedish and Hollywood singer and actress from «The Price» movie.

This celebrity was born in 1979, in Sweden. Her debut on the big screen took place back in 1986, when the girl was 7. However, like her American counterpart Rooney Mara, Noomi gained fame and fame after playing Lisbeth Salander in the Swedish version «The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo». She also played Lisbeth in other two sequels. Her next blockbuster was « Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows». For today she has more than 50 roles in movies and series. The most famous of them are: «Alien: Covenant», « Child 44» and «Stockholm».

Noomi Rapace naked photos

Noomi Rapace has shoot in sex scenes quite often. For example, we could be enjoyed passionate sex scene with her in «What Happened to Monday» movie. Also, in the action movie «The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo», our star lit up her breasts, ass and pussy. But in «Passion» in 2012, there are quite a few lesbian scenes with Rapace. For example, she quite often had to kiss with Rachel McAdams and Caroline Herfurt. But a harsher lesbian sex scene was featured in «Daisy Diamond» melodrama. There, in one of the scenes, Trine Dyurholm fucks a naked Noomi with a strapon.

But in addition to the erotic scenes in the cinema, the celebrity has quite a lot of candid photos and spicy highlights. See all these and other hot photos of naked Noomi Rapace below.

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